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  • Bano 万能水 super alkaline ionized water produced in Malaysia

great ability of super alkaline ionized water

BANO (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) is formed by electric decomposition of tap water based on the patented method originally developed by E-Plan. BANO is a strong alkali electrolysis water maximizing concentration of hydrogen ions (pH12.5) and oxidoreduction potential (-500mV). Unlike general detergents and cleaners, BANO is reliable and safe cleaning/washing water with high cleansing, sterilization and deodorizing effects which doesn't contain any synthetic surface activators or chemical substances. This "user-friendly and eco-friendly" product can be used for any purpose, applicable for both professional and domestic/family usage.


BANO is a reliable and safe cleaning/washing water composed of 99.9% filtered water (pure water) and 0.1% of Potassium Hydroxide (KOH). It contains no environmental pollutants such as *BOD/*COD etc. Therefore, it does not cause subsurface contamination or water pollution. Moreover, it is exempt from various restrictions (e.g., *PRTR, * VOC and fire protection law) as there is no risk of fire and explosive accidents. Work environment and conditions can be significantly improved and led to increased productivity as the product contains no synthetic surfactant or harmful substance (as are often found in general detergents and cleaners on the market).

*COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
*BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)
*PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register)
*VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

detergency performance

BANO (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) is super alkali electrolysis water optimized for performance in cleaning and produced by our original method of electric decomposition. BANO is maximally raised alkaline by pH12.5 and is formed by 99.9% pure water. In spite of pure water, its performance is equivalent/superior to that of synthetic detergents. pH is defined and used as a scale of hydrogen ion concentration. The pH of tap water is around 7, and beverage alkaline water is around 8. BANO (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) is strong alkaline water with 100,000 (one hundred thousand) times higher level of concentration than tap water. Unlike the alkaline water formed by caustic soda, BANO (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) with 99.9% pure water doesn’t cause skin irritancy or chemical burn. In addition to its sterilizing effect, BANO is highly effective at oil-decomposing and is widely used for washing the manufacturing products and parts of industrial machinery.

sterilizing effect

Virus and bacteria can't grow in BANO (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) containing pH12.5 hydrogen ion. Therefore, bacterium related food poisoning is destroyed in 30 seconds. Water can reduce and prevent oxidation from the strong condition of alkalinity.

The electrical potentials of oxidation-reduction in BANO is -500mV
Oxidation and reduction affected objects - Metals subjected to oxidation rust, plants will wither and get discolored, and creatures will age and get weak. Reduction is an opposing action to prevent these effects of oxidation.

corrosion control

BANO (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) doesn't contain any chlorine ion which causes corrosion (rust) by not using salts (NaCl) in electrolyte solution. This enables the rustproof control; one of key features of strong alkaline ion water to be exerted 100% effect.

【Rust-proofing Test for Steel】
Steel doesn’t get rusted for extended period of time in the pH12.5 of BANO (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) which doesn’t contain chlorine ion. Rust-proofing result persists for a couple of days to weeks protected by membrane formed on the surface of metal in dry condition.

economic efficiency

BANO (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) can easily rinse without foaming or residues which means less cleaning time and a dramatic reduction of rinse water. BANO (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) formed by pure water and potassium carbonate (Potassium hydroxide) is cost effective and can easily replace existing detergents. As well as high cleaning performance, BANO is eco-friendly and more cost effective than traditional detergents.

differential facts of BANO (electrolysis water)

There is a great difference in property and performance depending on generating method although alkaline ionized water (electrolysis water) generally has similar appearance. BANO is at pH12.5 strong alkaline water without generating by-products like strong acidic water or chlorine gas etc.

In contrast, strong acidic water causes metal to corrode and chlorine gas causes damage to human body and it has a significant negative impact on environment. BANO is also suitable for degreasing and cleaning of metalware for the reason of highly rust-proofing without chlorine ion (Cl-) which cause the metal to corrode. pH12.5 BANO is the answer composed of well-balanced factors such as “safety”, “reliability” and “detergency”.