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  • Bano 万能水 super alkaline ionized water produced in Malaysia


What is Super Alkaline Ionized Water?
SAIW is high alkaline water with a pH ratio of 12.5 produced through an ionizing electrolysis method using 99.9% pure water filtered by reverse osmosis (RO) membrane and 0.1% Potassium Carbonate as electrolyte (K2CO3).
What does pH12.5 mean?
pH stands for Potential of Hydrogen and it is an indication of the density of hydrogen in water. pH1-6 is acidic and more acidic as the number gets smaller. pH 7-8 is neutral as normal tap water and natural mineral water. pH9-14 is alkaline and more alkaline as the number gets bigger.
High pH water as above pH12.5 is supposed to be dangerous.
Is Super Alkaline Ionized Water safe?
Normally, high acid or alkaline water is made by mixing hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide to water respectively. These very low pH or very high pH waters at both extremes are dangerous liquids with nearly 5% of hazardous chemicals contained as residue and will need careful handling. On the other hand, BANO (SAIW), which is produced by very special electrolysis method and having the right level of alkalinity of pH12.5 has excellent cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing power yet not harmful or dangerous.

What is the difference between Super Alkaline Ionized Water and
Alkaline Ionized Water for drinking?
It is simply the difference of pH. Alkaline Ionized Water which you can buy in the markets is pH8.5 – 9.5. Normal Ionizing water machine for home use will produce maximum pH of 10.5. This pH is not strong enough to clean or sanitize. Scientifically, if pH12.5 SAIW is diluted by pH7.5 water equally, it will become pH10.5. This means SAIW has 100 times more of sanitizing and cleaning power than pH10.5 alkaline water and 100,000 times more of alkalinity than pH7.5

Can we touch SAIW with bare hands?
Yes, absolutely! SAIW is highly recommended for the sanitizing of hands. SAIW is safe even for babies' hands.
Does Super Alkaline Ionized Water smell?
No, it is completely odorless. SAIW raw material is RO water which is 100% pure water without any chlorine, irons or any foreign substances contained as in normal tap water. Only substance in this pure, but powerful pH12.5 SAIW is 0.1% of potassium dissolved which is safe and 100% odorless.
Is it safe for a baby to chew on an object which has been cleaned by Super Alkaline Ionized Water?
Carbonate potassium which is used as electrolyte to produce SAIW is a substance classified as food additive and is used to rinse Ramen noodles. SAIW does not contain any artificial surfactant nor any other chemicals and it is safe even if baby chews any items which has been cleaned by undiluted SAIW.

Why does Super Alkaline Ionized Water have strong cleaning power even it is nearly 100% water?
SAIW is a water with very tiny clusters full of hydrogen. SAIW goes into the spaces between stains and objects, wrap stain particles with negative ions and separate stain particles from the surface of objects. This also explains why SAIW works as deodorizer as tiny negative ion clusters of SAIW wrapping particles of odor. To further answer the question why SAIW sanitizes, it is simply because of its very high alkalinity which does not allow any germs to survive in it.

Any caution for the objects to be cleaned by SAIW?
Anything can be cleaned, sanitized or deodorized by SAIW including all kinds of metals with the exception of raw aluminum and raw copper. Raw aluminum and raw copper are weak against acid and alkaline. Particularly, uncoated aluminum or copper surfaces could change color when contacting high alkalinity. But cleaning such products with SAIW is no problem if cleaning is done quickly for less than 5 minutes and washed by normal water after cleaning. For other cautions of usage, please see the information on the product you purchase.
Is SAIW higher than normal detergent in it's cost?
Once you install our machine, running cost of producing 1 Liter of SAIW is just JPY 6.
No damage to environment when SAIW is drained?
SAIW is nearly 100% water without any chemical substances or surfactant. High alkalinity will be quickly diluted with the water in the drainage and will return to neutral water. On the contrary, almost all types of detergent containing surfactant will damage water environment through drainage and will eventually create unhealthy sludge at the bottom of rivers and sea.