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  • Bano 万能水 super alkaline ionized water produced in Malaysia


industrial sector

BANO (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) does not utilize Chloride as an electrolyte at the time of generation, and does not include Chloride Ion (Cl-). This helps to avoid producing strong acidic water or chlorine gas during the production process. Furthermore, SAIW is water without the color, odor and irritation of conventional cutting fluid or cleaning liquid. It can be produced and utilized in the factories without affecting machines, equipment, or the neighboring environment. This enables a dramatic improvement of the working environment for employees. In addition, strong alkalinity Ph12.5 can prevent putrefaction and neutralize the stench caused by the oxidation of water while controlling rust and scaling in plumbing. Thus, BANO(Super Alkaline Ionized Water) with high ability for washing and rust-proofing performance is utilized in a wide variety of industries from precision cleaning in the field of electronics and optics to the cleaning of hard parts in metal-processing industries.

cleaning of precision instrument parts: direct motion system, LM guide (SUS)

Purpose :
Removal of metallic powder and abrasion liquid from whetstone grinding work
Results :
Solved the issue of poor washing and rusting.
Eliminated odor from cleaning liquid.
Improved environment by eliminating the old stains. 

cleaning of press compornents: car parts

Purpose :
Removal of oil and metallic powder from press compornents.
Results :
Removed dirt from hidden areas completely.
Improved longevity of paint in subsequent processes / Decreased complaints dramatically.
Decreased industrial waste by lessoning the amount of putrefying cleaning solutions.
Improved work environment and decreased employee absenteeism (Need to confirm cause and effect).

cleaning of maintenance parts: automobile / aircraft / machinery parts

Purpose :
Removal of grease and oil stain of maintenance parts.
Results :
Eliminated odor in work place (need to confirm the reason) therefor improving the work environment.
Made effluent treatment easier as raw material is water.
Rapid removal of stains during washing by spraying of hot BANO.

cleaning of cutting work parts: aircraft parts

Purpose :
Removal of stains from coolant and metallic powder from cutting work parts.
Results :
Eliminated cutting oil (both water-based and oil-based) completely with no reattachment.
Eliminated the needs of anti-rust application processes after cleaning.
Dried out rapidly by high-temperature cleaning (need to confirm accuracy).

cleaning of glass parts: optical equipment parts

Purpose :
Removal of cutting lubricants and glass powders in the process of glazing.
Results :
Decreased rinse water drastically because of free surface-activating agent.
Cleaned off particulates and wax completely.

utilized as dilution water for cutting fluid from metallic processing

Purpose :
If cutting fluid is diluted by tap water or industrial water, it produces odors by the propagation of bacteria, deteriorating the work environment.
By replacing diluted water with BANO (Super Alkaline Ionized Water), its ability of oxidation-reduction prevents putrefaction/deterioration by oxidization.
Results :
Eliminated odor from putrefaction as water quality of cutting fluid inhibited the oxidation process.
Improved secondary fabrication as processing machines became clean, and artifacts were washed and cut simultaneously.
Improved cutting performance as cutting fluid sinks into the edge of blade.
Reduced oil separation as cutting oil remained in a stable state of emulsion.

alternative use as a thinner

Purpose :
To improve hand work of degreasing and wiping dirt with thinner prior to the painting process of metallic parts.
Results :
Replaced rinse water with BANO (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) from thinner which affects human health and is designated in the VOC regulation of global warming measures.
Improved work environment dramatically and reduced labor time and increased safety of work place as it is excluded from hazardous materials or fire laws, there was no need for hazardous material management.

prevent putrefaction for chiller water in cooling devices

Purpose :
To eliminate rust, scale, water deterioration, odor, and growth of Legionella in the pluming with oxidized circulating cooling water for the metallic mold casting with high heat.
Results :
Eliminated deterioration of circulating water by mixing BANO into chiller water until alkalized the water with pH10, scaling inside the plumbing was detached and heat efficiency was improved.

How to Innovate BANO (Super Alkaline Ionized Water)

In many cases, replacing with BANO (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) is easily applied to waterborne washers. But washing environment varies widely between users. As a system investigation before introduction of the most suitable system are necessary, we at (ePLAN) offer the evaluation examination and lease of demonstration unit.
BANO (Super Alkaline Ionized Water) is “user-friendly and earth-friendly” versatile water with high cleaning, sterilizing, deodorizing, and anti-corrosion properties, and it is colorless, odorless, non-irritant. Please do not hesitate to consult with us with any questions or concerns you might have.